Dental prosthetics abroad

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Dental crowns, bridges or dentures solve the most demanding aesthetic and functional needs.

Many patients, when confronted with various oral problems, whether it is a damaged tooth, missing one or more teeth, changing the color of their teeth, etc. from various information, do not know what is the ideal solution for them. They weren’t sure if they put a bridge or an implant, whether it was better ceramic crown metal or zircon, which is the difference between them at all! At our dental center, after a thorough specialist examination, the dentist determines the best possible solution and explains in detail what and why a particular therapy is ideal for him..

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Comfortable and warm accommodation for our dental prosthetics patients from abroad inside the Clinic

Our clinic is equipped with modern, 4 star apartments to make your stay as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
Get down to the dental treatment in your bathrobe. Avoid unnecessary hassle and stress with daily commuting and indulge in VIP treatment at Dental Center Ostojic.

Organized transportation for our dental prosthetics patients from abroad

The patient always comes first. To make it easier for our patients to get to and from the clinic, we are able to offer organized transportation for all of you who do not want to bother with driving after you enter the country.