Replace missing teeth with dental implants in Croatia

July 31, 2018

Replace missing teeth with dental implants
For those of you who have major dental problems and are in need for extensive dental work, you may find that the dentistry offered in your country is too expensive.

Whatsmore, you will most likely have to take time off work to have this dental treatment performed. So why not make a holiday out of your dental treatment in beautiful country of Croatia?

Treat yourself with a break in the sun while saving money on your dental treatment in Croatia. The money you save on the treatment can be used for some other experiences. So, you get to have your holiday in Croatia, visit the capital city – Zagreb and have your dental treatment at the same time.

Replace missing teeth with dental implants in Croatia

Instead of paying ridiculous prices at home, you can enjoy in the glamorous and sunny Dalmatia or Istria, not far away from Zagreb. Dental Implants in our Dental clinic Ostojić is run by a highly skilled and experienced prosthodontist, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon dr. Sebastijan Sandev who was educacated in implantology and who has lot of experience.

Dental Implants here in Dental clinic Ostojić will charge 799€ per dental implant.

You can rest assured that despite the low prices there is absolutely no compromise on quality. In fact, the quality is excellent. Have a look at our testimonials to see what the patients at Dental Implants Abroad in Croatia and Dental clinic Ostojić have to say about their experience. Our special dental concept and warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere will expect you from the first visit as well as highly skilled dentists who will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Replace missing teeth with dental implants at affordable price
We in Dental clinic Ostojić believe that everyone has the right to natural looking, natural functioning, and aesthetically pleasing teeth. This is why we choose to make dental implants affordable at the price of 799€ per implant. In other words, you get the dental implant and many other benefits thanks to our policy and unique dental tourism concept.

Depending on your specific condition dr. Renata Ostojić will create your treatment plan tailored to meet your needs for:

– Replacing a single tooth
– Replacing several teeth
– Replacing all of your teeth (All-on-4 Complete upper or lower denture on 4 implants)
– Sinus augmentation
– Ridge modification with PRF

Beside mentioned, your treatment plan will be consisted of many additional benefits thanks to our unique dental concept and the policy.